We are lucky to have a loyal band of amazing volunteers who help us carry out our important work in the Irish Australian community, but we are always on the lookout for more!

Examples of how volunteers help us throughout the year:

  • Tutor students at our Senior Surfers computer class

  • Visit seniors in nursing homes and in hospitals

  • Assist with the administration of the Irish Support Agency’s office

  • Man the tent at the Sydney’s St Patrick’s Day festival

  • Set up, serve and clean up at our Senior’s Mid Year or Christmas lunches

  • Hold bucket collections and sell raffle tickets

We don’t need qualifications or experience, just a passion and enthusiasm to help. If you’d like to volunteer your time to help us make a difference at one, or several, of our many events and fundraisers throughout the year, click the button below to express your interest.

If you are a provider of professional services that could be of assistance to our clients or the administration of the organisation, we would love to hear from you. Please submit your details here too.

current volunteer opportunities

Befriending Service 

Can you volunteer an hour or two each week to brighten the day of an isolated Irish senior in our community? Our befriending volunteers are hard at work visiting seniors to ensure that they have a social support who can share news and events on whats happening in Australia and Ireland. They also assess any other needs of their 'friend' and pass over to our Outreach Worker as necessary.

Cara Club

We are searching for a rotation of volunteers to help us at our fortnightly seniors drop in. It is a great way to support our team and enjoy the craic with our fantastic bunch of seniors. We will reimburse you for your time in tea and sandwiches! 

The group meets every fortnight on a Wednesday, you don't need to commit to every fortnight, an extra set of helping hands when you can is all we need.


We would like to improve our volunteer engagement as we very much value our volunteers and would like for them to have the opportunity to feel part of a vibrant community that contributes to the health and well-being of our fellow Irish Australians.  

One of the struggles we face is that it can be difficult at any given moment to match a person’s availability and preference for a particular area of work with a volunteering opportunity. As such many offers of help become logged on a database that over time becomes irrelevant as personal details and circumstances change.   It is hoped that co-ordination will help to improve the volunteer experience.


We are also looking to overhaul the IT systems we currently use within the volunteer engagement space to allow us to communicate more effectively with potential volunteers as new opportunities arise. To this end we are looking for someone who would be in a position to assist us in reviewing the volunteer management process, update the information held and re-energise our efforts to harness the goodwill that exists within our community.

 If you feel that you might be in a position to assist or may know of someone with expertise in these areas that may have capacity to help, it would be much appreciated.