Arriving in sydney

Getting Around

Sydney’s public transport system features a comprehensive network of train, bus and ferry services. Light rail lines, airport links, sightseeing buses and taxi services complement this network.

  • Opal card You can get a free opal card to load funds for use on trains, buses, ferries and light rail. Purchasing and topping up is simple and available from most shops, stores and stations.

  • Driving License A temporary Irish visitor will be qualified to apply for a NSW driver licence upon residing for a continuous period of 6 months in Australia immediately prior to licence application. Take note that your most recent date of arrival in Australia must be declared in the licence application form. If you're a resident of Australia, rather than a visitor, you're allowed to drive in NSW on an overseas licence for 3 months. Within this 3 month period, you'll need to visit a service centre and transfer your overseas licence to a NSW driver licence.


Tax file number

A Tax File Number (TFN) is the number issued to each taxpayer by the Australian Taxation Office (ATO). You can apply for a tax file number online if you are already in Australia when you hold the following visa.

  • a permanent migrant visa

  • a visa with work rights

  • an overseas student visa

Visit the ATO website for a detailed description on how to apply. Even though a TFN is not compulsory it is to your advantage to avoid paying more tax than necessary. Be prepared to pay tax on your income.

The Australian Government has announced changes to the Working Holiday Maker program.

  • Table A: Working holiday makers income tax rates for 2018–19

    Taxable Income Tax Rate

    $0 – $37,000 15% on each $1 up to $37,000

    $37,001 – $90,000 32.5% on each $1 over $37,000 to $90,000

    $90,001 – $180,000 37% on each $1 over $90,000 to $180,000

    $180,001 and over 45% on each $1 over $180,000

Health Care

Ireland and Australia have a reciprocal healthcare agreement (RHCA) that enables visitors from Ireland to Australia the choice to receive medically necessary treatment as inpatients or outpatients in Australian public hospitals. Medically necessary treatment means any ill-health or injury which occurs while the individual is in Australia and requires treatment before their return home. Cover is provided for the duration of the visitor’s approved stay in Australia. Subsidised pharmaceuticals under the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS) are included in the cover. Read this factsheet developed by the Consulate General of Ireland for important details on this agreement. 



Air B+B, Hostelz and Hostel World are great resources for finding short -term accommodation for when you first arrive and begin looking for more long term solutions.

Real Estate and Flatmates are good places to search for longer term accommodation. Members of Irish Around Sydney Facebook group often advertise rooms for rent but exercise caution before paying bonds or rent and ensure you view the property first. 



Consult the list of occupations in demand in Australia by visiting the Skilled Occupation List. There are also  job portals catering to skilled overseas candidates such as SEEK, Indeed or Career one. Ensure that the position is available to someone on your visa type.

Responsible service of alcohol (RSA) Online course

If you are coming to New South Wales and intend to do any bar/hospitality work you need to do a Responsible Service of Alcohol course that enables you to safely serve alcohol in NSW. This can be done online and each state has their own process.

A white card

Or general construction induction card is required for workers who want to carry out construction work. People who need a white card include:

  • site managers, supervisors, surveyors, labourers and tradespeople, traffic controllers

  • people who access operational construction zones (unaccompanied or not directly supervised by an inducted person)

  • workers whose employment causes them to routinely enter operational construction zones


Regional Work

Eligibility for a second working holiday visa requires applicants to complete three calendar months (or 88 days) of specified work in regional Australia while on your first Working Holiday visa. The Department of Immigration's Working Holiday Visa: Employment Verification form outlines information on what qualifies as regional work and your legal rights and entitlements. 

It is imperative to note that an attempt to use false Australian Business Numbers (ABN) or to create false documentation is visa fraud and can lead to prosecution and/or deportation.

How to find Regional work?

Visit Jobsearch to find information on the different towns and regions offering regional work positions, and the crops they produce in any given month. Do make sure that the work is completed within an eligible regional Australian postcode area.

The National Harvest Telephone Information Service provides working opportunities in different regions, working conditions and accommodation. Call 1800 062 332.


 Irish Support Agency’s Resource centre

The ISA's Resource Centre can be used as a base to assist with resume building, interview skills & job searches. The use of computers, fax machine and printers may also be accessed to best help you secure employment. Also ask for assistance when seeking regional work.